75th Legislative District

           Legislation Introduced in 2014


HJ-31 - Corrections, Department of; JLARC to study staffing levels and employment conditions.


Study: JLARC; staffing Department of Corrections; report. Directs the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to study staffing levels and employment conditions at the Department of Corrections.

House Committee: Pending



HB-62 - Solid waste; Southampton County allowed to levy fees for disposal of waste at facility.


Disposal of solid waste fees; Southampton County. Allows Southampton County to levy fees for the disposal of solid waste at a county collection or disposal facility not to exceed the actual cost incurred by the county in removing and disposing of solid waste. The bill adds Southampton County to the list of counties permitted to use fees to purchase equipment; grants Southampton County the same authority that Accomack, Highland, Pittsylvania, and Wise Counties have regarding such fees; and allows Southampton County to exempt certain disabled veterans from such fees. The bill also makes technical changes.

House Committee: This bill has been referred to Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns



HB215 - Withdrawal from district board of social services. Greensville County


Withdrawal from district board of social services. Establishes a process for withdrawal from a district board of social services by the local governing body of a county or city.

House Committee: Pending



State Agency Budget Amendment Request: Agriculture - submitted by Brunswick County.

General fund money being requested: $200,000.00

Explanation of Amendment:

Request funding to address hydrilla contamination an excessive growth in Lake Gaston located in the counties of Brunswick & Mecklenburg. The wide spread of the hydrilla growth has affected tourism and recreation especially water sports, fishing and boating in Southside Virginia most prestigious lakes. Local governments are contributing; however, more treatments are required due to the steady growth over the last 6 years.



Non-state Agency Budget Amendment Request: Rebecca Vaughan house rehabilitation - submitted by Southampton County Historical Society

General fund money being requested: $50,000.00

Explanation of Amendment:

The Rebecca Vaughan house requires more than $50,000 for the rehabilitation of its brick chimneys and foundation. The completion of this work will enable interior renovations and the installation of exhibits detailing the 1831 Southampton Insurrection and the Nat Turner Tour.

The Southampton County Historical Society requests a $50,000 appropriation to underwrite the final phase of the Rebecca Vaughan rehabilitation project. The completion of the work will enable the installation of interactive exhibits enabling this national Register of Historic Places property to serve as the visitor center for the 1831 Southampton Insurrection Nat Turner Trail walking and driving tour.